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Index enemies teleporting directly into goal point?


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I was attempting the nightwave challenge of completing 3 rounds of the index without the enemy scoring. This seems impossible when I have tried 3 different defensive frames which are Gara, Octavia and Limbo Prime. What baffles me is despite having my 2 and 4 active with high duration of 254% and decent range around 184% on limbo on the goal point, the enemy still manages to score. Basically stopping time doesn't stop them from scoring. I can only guess that they're teleporting directly on the goal point, effectively "nullifying" any stopping power while in the rift without popping the bubble so to speak. And high glass walls proved less effective as they just teleported through them. With Octavia, I had 183% duration and 190% range, planting my 1 and 4 about 15-20m away from the goal. It seemed promising while standing in front of the goal until corpus scored with seemingly no enemies were around. At this point, I'm not sure if I just need to git gud and/or if a challenge breaking bug has popped up.

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