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Small clan looking for members that meet the following criteria:


Praises Kek

Let's just cut all the recruitment nonsense and get down to brass tacks. If you're a working adult that can check their politically correct b.s. at the door and doesn't necessarily feel like listening to kids rant into a mic about the latest brozine build, or complain about how bored they are while they're logged into a game about freaking SPACE NINJAS, odds are you'll fit in here. We use discord primarily for coms, but respect that fact that some days you've been listening to the shill voices of your clients/old lady all day, and the last thing you want to do tonight is to listen to people annoy you over voice chat, so it is absolutely not required. Anyone that doesn't have their head firmly inserted into their arse can run arbitration's for a half hour at least without needing voice comms, and we recognize that.

The next expansion is looking like we'll need some solid players to get the most out of it, and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one that doesn't like having to watch what they say in clan chat, listen to people whine or takes it so seriously it becomes a second job. If this sounds like you, then hit us up!

As an additional qualifier, if you've got Sabaton playing in the background, you're basically a shoe in. ;-D

Obviously being a 40k fan is a plus, and the more memes, the merrier!

If you're interested, message Tristonius or M3tallius in game and/or post here with your in game ID.


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