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Talk about Crossover...again...


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Well there we have it, pretty much the void is f##! magical now, well witness of odds of paradox of warframe, what the odds of the game is going get a crossover like destiny or Anthem or even random case of shows.  This seems pretty canon about the "Void Magic" can do, but meh lets it works it funky magic at least its not doing the $##!y wizard job, who knows we might get cross reference seeing RWBY that everyone is fan made which I would like to see cross references of its shows.

Let me know which crossover you want see in warframe and have fun trip talking about it (keep the warhammer 40k out of it plz).

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7 hours ago, BabyKurama said:

Warframe x My Little Pony

I think you hit it too late with that one







pretty much its a fast crossover with that one.


For $##! and giggles, why not we have a crossover with DC or Marvel?

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