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Can we get a fix on the Aim glide problems? please!


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Why do I drop things when Im Aim gliding?
Why has this not been fixed or addressed / forgotten?
Im guessing none really likes Excav, so its probably only recognized when you
have to do a mobile defense or and Excav mission.
But CMON....

This has been annoying SINCE the 3.0 melee introduction.
Why has this not been patched or fixed so that,
You just use Melee, if you have no Secondary and Carrying Melee and Primary.
Why was that hard to keep before 3.0, it was fine before!

Also inline with this, I dont need Exalted weapons being "Holstered" and the power
STILL GOING! using energy!!!!

I dont know How or why this is NOT AT ALL ADDRESSED or fixed yet?!?!!?

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Nightmare and Atsia

Its not just that, its ANY TIME you Aim glide without a Secondary and carrying anything in your opposite hand.

And this STILL hasnt been patched yet.
but since most players dont play Excav or Mobile defense they dont really notice it 😞

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