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Nikana Zaw clipping issue and double modeled sheath


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I made a nikana zaw, and now it appears twice or sometimes three times when looking at the sheath and frame in the arsenal (especially when mousing over the zaw itself)
It is farily hard to explain, but I'll try, so sprouting from the mouth of the sheath diagonally maybe 45 degrees away from it is a differently colored default zaw sheath. When the idle animation loops, the sheath itself reaches behind the hilt and clips onto the back of the frame, which looks VERY strange indeed.

Due to this, the Zaw looks like a multi bladed sword instead of just a nikana-shaped zaw, I took some pictures and hope this helps.


Hopefully these images better convey these issues. 



Thanks for reading, and I hope this very strange, clipping issue is solved soon.

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