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Mix Frames Suggestion


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A group warframes that joins abilities of certain frames together. Mix Frames work by having generally weaker characteristics as the pure forms of other warframes, but they are able to link the powers of frames together as they are the medium for the power linking.


These warframes would possess greater shield and power capacity in general and mostly are combat orientated manipulators. They can be support oriented manipulators as well for more variety. An example would be say a "flare" mix frame which combines anti-matter and ember skills.


Skills could include combining each mote with a fire DOT, or having antimatter drop explode into a giant ring of fire and etc. The mix frame would have 2 abilities to help skill linkage, one is player links and the second is skill links. So say the ember uses world on fire and Nova uses her ulti.


Player link would be used to link novas ulti affects to world of fire, whereas skill links are active powers that are linked together, like volts bolt and trinities energy vampire where the damage done is electrical and each energy burst period would lead to chain lighting effect and etc.


This frame can be carried out in 2 ways, one is that it is a frame by itself, or a frame that is split by power combinations. There are more ways but these are the 2 viable ways now.


What do you think?

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