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Random missions across the star chart.


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53 minutes ago, KroneVanguard said:

It would be nice if Lotus could assign random missions located in different places of the star chart, that last for a limited period of time and with various rewards. They could be randomly generated and there's always a new one to do. 🙂

You mean the old alerts system.

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45 minutes ago, InDueTime-EN- said:

Well, we do have nightmare missions, invasions and rifts. I'm not quite sure what else you want. 😜

Very few people play the Nightmare missions...

Invasion are annoying 'cause you must repeat 3 times the same thing... 😒 But I would love them if I could choose to be a Corpus or a Grineer. 😍

Fissures are ok but when you own all the Primes they become kinda meh and a lot of players disconnect if you don't have the right relic... They are to much connected to the reward.

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