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Ground movement bug


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I've been looking around for a discussion about this but I haven't really seen any so far (or haven't searched hard enough). But I feel this might needs to be talked about.

TL;DR: Walking in a circle while firing a gun causes the player to do a weird shuffle that not only breaks the animation (quite literally) but moves the player in an unintended direction and messes up crosshair placement.

For the many years I've been playing warframe this hasn't really been a thing that has bothered me. It's until I looked into the other movement models (spoiler mode & ground archwing-gun) did I really start to think this might be something more than just a "feature". The problem that I'm talking about is the weird "shuffle" that every warframe does when you walk in a circle while shooting.

Normally this isn't a problem, just a ha-ha funny weird animation that breaks the back of any player, but this is something that keeps bothering me every time it happens in a mission. This brief shuffle locks you in the animation preventing you from inputting any other direction until it's complete. It also jostles the position of the crosshair and sways it in an unnatural motion. 

It really does sound like I'm some kind of petty purist who doesn't want anyone to touch my white dot on the screen or move my character in a weird way. But this problem doesn't exist for any other movement model such as spoiler mode or the ground archwing guns. So I'm guessing this small movement bug went under the radar of DE and I want to bring this to attention so it could get fixed

Here is a link to a video I recorded that shows the problem. It demonstrates 2 things:

1. Movement without firing behaves just as expected.

2. Movement with firing causes the top half of the player to freak out. It also causes the player to drift to the back right. Mind you I am pressing w,d,s,a in a fairly consistent rate, so no shenanigans.

I'm not sure if anyone else has talked about this problem. If it hasn't, let me be the first one to discuss it.

Thanks for coming to my TEDx talk.

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