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Hacked Drone Stuck in Radio Tent Corner, Plains of Eidolon Bounty


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The Hacked Drone path finding got itself stuck on a corner inside of Konzu Radio tent, effectively locking the stage in an endless "Protect it from endlessly spawning enemies, or fail". It entered from the middle entrance of the tent, but either went too fast or didn't turn/swerve enough to leave through the left entrance and remained stuck without trying to go backwards or teleporting out of the tent.

Here's a screenshot of the corner the Hacked Drone got stuck on, which was also fairly close to its destination marker.



I got lucky this happened during Stage 1 and managed to invite a friend with Loki to teleport the Hacked Drone out of the tent (which proceeded to go forward as normal), otherwise it most likely would've stayed stuck without any other means of fixing it other than failing the bounty.

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