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Crashing after Login?


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5 hours ago, DarkNexius said:

i've found why my game crashed, if you own any razer peripherals, make sure Razer Chroma SDK Service is running in the background

My stuff is crashing after logging in and i dont own anything razer

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I Think I've figured out whats going on with warframe (and possibly some other games) and rzChromaSDK64.dll.

I did a fresh install of warframe yesterday and was faced with this problem again. After entering login details the game would freeze without errors.

I know from previous experience that you can "fix" this by installing Razer Synapse (if you watch warframe_64.exe with a process monitor you can see that its trying to load rzChromaSDK64.dll just before the freeze)

I wasn't really happy with this "Fix" as I don't own any Razer gear and it bothers me that I have to install their bloatware to play Warframe.


So I noticed in the options there is an "Enable Razer Chroma" option.

I suspect that this is being set to "On" after a fresh install or an update which causes Warframe to go looking for the rzChromaSDK64.dll on startup.


So in order to actually get past the problem, I had to install Razer synapse. I could then get into the options and turn the "Enable Razer Chroma" option to "Off"

I then uninstalled synapse and could still log into the game 


unfortunately, at that point, if I try to enter the options (after synapse is uninstalled) it would freeze as it did before.

(Its just a guess, but it "feels" like an early/late binding problem when consuming the sdk Dll.)


I wonder if we could get either a -noChroma commandline option or .cfg setting as a workaround for this? I really don't like having to install Razer Synapse.


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