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Evac point on Gas City too far back


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I recently discovered this thanks to the "Don't Blow It", but one of the extraction points on the Gas City tileset is very poorly placed. It's so far back that I'm teetering on the edge just to be within evac range.


This evac point specifically (I died too much in Disruption to screenshot it there so I retried in Survival until I found the same point)

And while we're on the topic, can we get an easier way to solo evac endless missions? Gas City's spawn and evac point design seems custom tailored to make sure anyone who tries to solo evac Disruption (or any high level mission) will be fighting for their lives just to stop bothering Salad V. It's a total shooting gallery that the entirety of BeeKloud Enterprise's security forces seem to march by on their way to the conduits. Let us Leave Squad like in Free Roam or evacuate while dead or SOMETHING.

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Hey there houselyrander, regarding your first point, ill take a peek at that extraction tile, thanks much!.
Your feedback about evac in endless missions has been passed along, as well.

Have a great day!

[EDIT: The extraction area in this location has been audited to be a little more generous and the marker moved away from the edge, change should be included in a future update/hotfix]]

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