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Warframe Needs A Different Endgame


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I love the game, and I really enjoy it but just lvling alternative frames and weapons that I'm never* gonna use shouldn't be 60% (or more) of the Endgame.


I'd love to see a focus on an endgame that wouldn't end with 1 week of farming :X . I know there are plenty of difficult stuff if you wish to do it, but ... meh. There are weeks where I stop and say "what am I doing in Warframe ? Lvl up another random weapon, warframe ? why?.... the carrot on a stick is kinda broken, I'll just play another game until they release a weekend event, or a new tenno reinforcement weapon that looks awesome" and that is fine but I'd love to have stuff to do ingame besides that, or just farming mats for the future content.

I tend to compare Warframe with Diablo clones, and there's really so much yet to be converted into Space Ninja style.

We could have random monsters emanating a blue aura, and those monsters would have special abilities randomly generated among a list of several affixes and suffixes.

- You walk into a mission, and then in a secret room with a special kind of chest there it was, a group of Blue Glowing Infested Toxic Ancients! You aim at them and you notice, they have the same ability the old golem, "Puller" they pull you towards them! Plus as they are blue monsters, they have incresed resistance to powers, extra health and debuffs last 60% less on them.

We could also have random monsters emanating a golden aura, and those monsters would have special abilities randomly generated among a list of several affixes and suffixes, plus they would give slightly nerfed versions of their abilities to others monster in X amount of range, until you kill them.
- Bla bla bla, golden monster frost enchanted, he and his buddies would have a 40% chance to freeze on being hit by enemy bullets (that would be a slow debuff, reducing fire rate and/or movement speed). That would allow for warframe mods (or a new kind of system tied with killing these new monsters) to reduce the freezing effect duration on your warframe.

... You could have unique monsters, that would spawn 4/10 times (or 100%, easily tunable (?)) on specific missions. They would drop key components, which you could transmute (yes, there's that for mods so why not use it to fuse some very unique materials) and make keys to go fight very deadly versions of some of the current bosses, but with 1 extra ability, or the boss arena wouldn't be so opened, and you would need to parkour around the arena to avoid some kind of aoes....
Those bosses would drop something with random stats, like a new slot on your warframes mod page, like "Orokin Orb" and baam, people who were interested in min maxing would go all crazy calculating the odds of getting the stats they wanted on the Orokin Orbs and would farm that all happy...

There could be a "pokedex" compendium on your lore page, with a page for each unique creature in the game, with some lore about him/she/it, how many times you killed him and where its location was, along with its ingame model.

This is just a translation of Diablo style stuff into Space ninja dialect, but it would make endgame at the very least more interesting if not better.



Imagine a toggle option for you to find blue/golden monsters during Defenses and that would increase core/rare mods drop rates by X, or something else that I havent thought about
Imagine that a boss would join a defense mission each 10 waves or something...



And just to end this topic let me say that the feature that many players ask for in Diablo Clones, is an Infinite Dungeon, and you've already got Defense Mode so you're just missing the easy stuff :D (that and the end of the Auction Houses, which apparently is a wish coming true).






PS: Bla bla bla, English as a second language.

People love leaderboards, just look at Path of Exile. Thou theirs have a reward system tied into it.

I know this must have already been posted a  thousand times but I felt like voicing my opinion.

Also, big respect for DE because YES!

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Why doesn't it fit ? You kill millions of mobs, with exactly the same abilities, making it stall :X


- Random void ships are found by corpus/grennier people. They steal stome stones and their commanders discover those stones provide extraordinary abilities, so they entrust some soldiers with them, so they can conquer the worlds etc.

- You find them and you kill them.


In terms of lore that wouldn't be too farfetched imo, but I can understand if you don't think it fits gameplaywise.

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Warframe possibilities are infinite imo,Game could evolve into giant beast,it's just on DE to make right choices to make that happen.I hope they now how this game will look when it comes to,lets say,final version.

I agree with you about end game,a little more dynamic and unpredictable events,that's what we need.So far best epic thing that happen to me in warframe was on Phobos,giant door with two panels to open and behind them was hundred grineers waiting for us,ambush....EPIC.


Didn't play Golem boss,but i saw fight on yt,and it looks awesome,so i hope for more bosses like him.God of War and Dark Souls are "books" for that part of game,read them carefully :)

 One thing is sure,there is tons of work on this game.

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imo shooting range doesn't get more interesting if target is square instead of circle


if the target pops up for a time it's slightly interesting, but not much


Well the PVE part of Warframe will always be about killing many minions, so adding random powers and increasing their toughness would make for a more diverse gameplay. You mix that with a more meaningful farm (aka not everybody is a completionist), and provide a reason to farm and play instead of just amassing more materials or lvl up other warframes.


The leaderboards thingy is a good step towards better and more meaningful PVE competition, but I feel it still lacks some meat behind it. In WOW, when a new raid is released, top guilds have already playtested ir and just complete the normal run kinda chilling out, and then 1 week after, Heroic modes are unlocked and they compete to see who's able to finish it first. This can be considered meaningful because those Heroic modes provide REAL challenge. I know Warframe isn't anything like WOW, but IMO there could be some Harder versions of bosses and stuff, with meaningless rewards (anything that doesn't provide ingame advantages) and have clans battle it out to see who's the best.


I'm just throwing out there random thoughts about some pve motivations to keep playing the game after one has his favorite warframes and weapons.

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