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Void Traces: Big problems and simple solutions


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Some problems with void traces;

·       New players will have a hard time in farming for relic because of the limited cap they have.

·       The cap of void traces is limits how often you can farm for the prime parts you want.

·       Farming void traces is a pain because the amount of void traces you can receive is between 6-40. (without booster or kavat)

·       Using a kavat only makes a small difference since the affinity buff happens at random.

·       There is no option to take void traces out of other relics you have upgrade.

·       Fissure missions are only one way to get void traces. (nowhere else)



·       Take off the limit of void traces you can have and give you the ability to store them up like the old key system. This makes it to where people, (especially new players) continue to farm for prime parts without any limitations and can save their void traces for the next primes.

·       When receiving void traces after mission completion, the amount of void traces should be increased to 15-50. With this change you can gain void traces much quicker and you don`t have to rely on kavat if you don`t want to or don’t have it. (I’m aware of endless missions but its time consuming and the minority of people want to get them as quick as possible)

·       If you have void traces in a relic that you don`t need what it`s offering, you have the option to take I out and put them in a relic you want to use.

·       You should be able to get void traces from;

The nightwave market to buy with the nightwave currency. (25 void traces each)

Bounties from open word tilesets. (25 void traces)

Sabotage, spy, defence mission rewards and caches. (15 void traces)


And another thing to add, DE STOP MAKING MULTI RELICS FOR NO REASON. Just add two new prime parts in one relic like the duel lex relics, this just adds to many relics and makes it more of a grind for no reason, you used to do it before why change now? You don`t have to farm them, you can just click a couple of buttons and you will get he new prime parts, we can`t do that doing this make use have to use multi trace on more relics plus you have to come up with new number for new relics which is a wast of time for you to be doing. Seriously change this, make future primes have multi new parts in one relic, what you doing now is VERRY UNESSASARY and I don`t see how anyone can disagree with this.

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