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The Kingpin System: what I would like to see


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The kingpin system is warframes version of the nemesis system from the shadows of Mordor.


Here is an idea of what the nemesis system is like:





Think of the bosses like the stalker’s acolytes, (or the arrancars from bleach) The stalker is the leader and you have to defeat his acolytes before you can get to him.

I think it would be interesting if this game mode had two parts to it where you get to play the operator and then your warframe, this will give a reason to use the operators and give them a roll.


Operator`s roll;

The operator has to do some investigating to find out information on the boss you want to assassinate by seeking out the capture target and either capture them for information on the boss or kill them.

·        First you have to use a device to find the capture target (like the cephalon simaris tracker)

·        There be a short cutscene introducing the capture target.

·        Scanning the target will reveal its strengths (immune to slash) and weaknesses. (stealth finishers)

·        There should be an option to either go head on and attack the enemy or take the stealthier option and reach the target. If you take the stealthier option with success, you will be rewardes. (This is mainly for players that like to play stealthy and can encourages other players to try the stealth gameplay)

·        The target will run away at first but them will try to attack you throwing enemies at you. (literally or figuratively)

·        Chasing different targets should be different each time or mix different ways of chasing them from a simple foot run chase, avoiding obstacles to using k-drives (please give operators the ability to use k-drives)

·        Option: Operators have the ability to temporarily take over the body of an enemy to get information or reach the target.

·        Deciding to capture the target will reveal the boss` strengths and weaknesses which will make easier to defeat it.

·        If you decide to kill them you have a chance to receive better or multiple rewards by not knowing.

·        There is an option to make other acolytes fight each other to make your job easier and build up one of the targets abilities, reputation and rank to increase the rewards for you when defeated.


Warframe`s roll;

To pursue the acolyte and defeat them.

·        After gaining knowledge of the acolyte, there will be helpful tips of what warframes and weapons can be used to defeat the target and the chance of success.

·        Depending on what you have learned, you will have time to prepare to take certain weapons or to pick a certain warframe to exploit the acolyte`s weakness and counter its strengths.

·        Exploiting weakness should also include things other than just abilities and weapon stats e.g. explosive barrels, fear of kubrows, see an enemy die in gruesome ways.

·        When it comes to difficulty, it shouldn’t just be stat based it should also be how the acolyte`s behaves in a fight. Only if you fail the targets stats should go up.

·        Acolytes will remember you if you fail so they will get stronger also, they will change visually.

·        The more you fail the harder the acolyte is the greater the rewards.

·        Each time you fail, the acolyte could steal your abilities and be immune to attacks of the warframe you used before.

·        Acolyte fights should be unique from using traps to every damage inflected on boss makes it stronger to mutations. (boss fight similar to the exploiter orb)

·        There should be a cutscene at the end of the fight.

·        Give an option to either kill the acolyte which will give you a reward or interrogate the acolyte to learn extra information about the traits for a more powerful and rewarding future boss to defeat.


Note: There`s a map showing the links from the acolytes to the main boss. The links of acolytes you need to defeat to reach the main boss, it will also show rivalry that you could exploit and use to your advantage.

If there is anything, I misted about the nemesis system or you anything else you can add to this, please do so. If DE can pull this off, this will be the smartest, strategic and fun gamemode to date.

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