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New Frame: "sheldon Prime"


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A new Prime Frame have been detected



Like the Dakra* Prime the "Sheldon Prime" dont have normal counter part


The "Sheldon Prime" use the swag power





1_Baldness Prime : rise his head and deflect all the surounding light blinding all foes around


2_Mood aura : Enlarge his aura and make the full sqad in good mood (give stats boost to all his team mate)


3_Multiplication: Use orochin Math to double the squad members  ,  you are now 37 in the squad  


Ulti_ Prime Swag: Summon The Swag Power from ancient time and infuse himself with it, all ennemies will bow down cause of too much swag and then try to friendship him

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Your username always reminds me of Toeh. (I wonder if anyone here will understand this and it's origin)


dpend if they took an arrow to the knee


but my name dont come from that

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Mind if I try rewriting that?



Power 1: Balding Daze

Sheldon Prime raises his shiny head, creating a blinding flash of light dazing all enemies around.


Power 2: Console Command

Sheldon Prime activates a special command in the Warframes of his squad, boosting their capabilities.


Power 3: Multiplier

Orokin nanobots form duplicates of Sheldon Prime's entire squad.


Power 4: Prime Swag

Summoning the ancient power of Swag, Sheldon Prime awes all enemies, dedicating them to his cause.

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