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Chroma Rework 2.0


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Improving from the reddit post I made. 

I think chroma is in need of a rework. Yes he's in a good place in the meta, yes I am aware vauban, ember and some other frames need a rework first, but this is about chroma, not them.

I like chroma, I think hes fun to play, but with all of the other lacking frames getting buffs and redones, I think its time our dragon boy gets some make up. I mostly think that he doesn't need any more overhauls or new mechanics introduced, just modernizing his abilities and maybe some quality of life. Like his 1. Its useless, it's bad, if you use it, you are wasting dps and energy. I think with the recent wukong change people have been saying that chroma should get a summon like that. I disagree. I think his 1 should be changes to be his effigy, and it gets summoned to follow you around, it has it's own health and had target priority allow chroma to have a taunt in his kit  Elemental ward and vex armor need to become the same ability, I would also change it so you can select which color he is. So chroma can have a real passive added. Which I'm not sure what would it be. I don't know what I would make his 3 but in place of his 4, I would make a new form of spectral scream, with it being a large sweeping breath weapon that deals both damage and cc indicated by what color your 2 is. Thoughts?

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9 hours ago, Conquest375 said:


I couldn't understand anything. This post lacks cohesion and fluidity. Rewrite everything in a more organized manner. State an intro, the reasons you think he needs a rework (while addressing/listing his issues) and propose realistic solutions. 

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