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Syndicate missions not showing up


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i dont seen any syndicate missions in my nav except for one on symaris. i already joined arbiters of hexis a few weeks back and did not really know that this is an issue until this mission for nightwave came out. all i have in the syndicate tab was synthesis for symaris or the sanctuary onslaughts. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here. if i go to arbiters the only options i get on the npc there are the rewards list, the other guy where you give an offering for standing and then the main guy where you initiate, rank up and that's it. the main guy only gives option for rank up and 'view offerings'

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Not quite sure what the problem is, but maybe you haven't ranked up with your syndicate yet.

Does the Warframe you are using have the syndicate regalia equipped? In the arsenal click on appearance for your Warframe, click regalia and choose an appropriate syndicate regalia. If you don't have any go and buy one from the syndicate you have joined.


Good luck!

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3 hours ago, MashuDarida said:

i dont seen any syndicate missions

Equip the basic Sigil you got from initiating, gain Affinity to gain Standing, rank up, bam, Syndicate missions.

Also, this might help: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Syndicate

And just because ...

:meridian::hexis::suda: Syndicate Copypasta Go! :perrin::redveil::loka:

While you could simply pick three Syndicates that don't interfere
with each other (Steel + Hexis + Suda, or Perrin + Veil + Loka),
you can also have positive Standing in 4 Syndicates at once easily enough:

1) Steel / Suda / Hexis / Veil
Only run Steel / Suda missions, have a Steel Sigil equipped
(well, also equip a Suda Sigil until you are Rank 1 with them, heh).

Suda won't interfere with Steel and gives you +50% Hexis,
the -50% Veil is made up by the +50% Veil from Steel
and the Steel Sigil (no negative for Suda / Hexis) finally gets Veil into positive.

2) Veil / Loka / Perrin / Steel
Only run Veil / Loka missions, have a Veil Sigil equipped.

Works pretty much like the previous.
FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Suda's unique Large Team Shield Restore
(no big deal IMO, plus you can switch Syndicates to eventually get everything).

3) Perrin / Hexis / Loka / Suda
Only run Perrin / Hexis missions, alternate between Perrin / Hexis Sigils.

Perrin / Hexis are opposed but you still get a total of +50% for each
and they don't interfere with Loka / Suda so it's +50% each there, as well.
FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Veil's unique Large Team Ammo Restore
(maybe somewhat of a big deal, dunno).

:meridian::hexis::suda: Syndicate Copypasta End! :perrin::redveil::loka:

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