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what is the best melee warframe other then Valkyr?


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Indirectly, Gara. Splinter Storm is a melee-ranged, protecting shield of death that will reduce incoming damage to a negligible amount and destroy enemies once it is amped up with Mass Vitrify. To add more beans to the broth, her passive is excellent for melee engagement and allows for Finisher moves.

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Best as in scales the highest I assume? Roughly in order of...

  • All Stealth frames
  • Rhino
  • Trinity
  • Nidus
  • Nekros
  • Baruuk
  • Chroma
  • Gara
  • Perma Hysteria
  • Everything else

All you really need to be a good melee frame is a large eHP pool that isn't compromised by being in melee. Hence Nova and Mesa would not be on the list. If the frame has armor strip or a damage buff then bonus but more importantly you have to survive using melee so eHP or essentially immortality through invis or special case Hildryn meme build is #1 priority. Also ranking can change based on Solo / Group like Rhino's Iron Skin doesn't benefit from mitigation buffs but still does monster Slash / Gas procs.

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I know you said other than Valkyr, but I'm going to recommend trying her out with Prolonged Paralysis and a gas melee weapon instead of Hysteria. It's probably not the best overall melee setup in the game, but it's probably my favorite. 

But to answer your question:

If you want to go the tanky route, then try Inaros or spaghetti Nidus. 

If you want to go stealthy, then try Ash or Octavia. 

If you want to use an exalted melee, then go with Wukong or Exalibur. 

If you like your standard melee weapons and just want the best DPS you can get out of them, then use Wisp. 

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Hmmm... a lot of frames have some good options where you wouldn’t expect them to.

One I haven’t seen mentioned so far is Volt, the frame can drop down Shields to negate ranged enemies and cause them to engage at his own pace, which he then boosts with Speed for high melee speed for great effect, plus you can smack a wide area CC down to then get free hits in on enemies while they’re also taking higher damage over time. On a smaller scale you can do that with Shock, priming your melee for bonus damage from Condition Overload.

Saryn is similar in that regard, she has the decoy, the instant melee buff, the additional status effects for CO buffs, wide area CC and damage, and with her armour stripping you can pick counter elements like Heat and Viral to affect Flesh directly once the armour is off. Plus the augment for her Molt is really good for self sustain.

Wukong is an obvious. With situational invulnerability, massive self-sustain healing, that really powerful Clone, and what is currently one of the best Ability Melee weapons in the game on stats and physical range, he’s kind of brilliant. 

Another un-mentioned frame would be Nezha, he has the massive damage reduction from his Halo, but that can be better used without over-charging it (unlike Iron Skin where you want to charge it higher, Nezha shines when you use the invulnerability stages at the beginning and end of it to survive high level damage), he has wide area CC with his 4, a surprising amount of damage and status with his 1, and his 2 is one of the best self-sustaining damage boosters in the game, even more so when you combine it with his 4. Instant access to health and energy orbs is a gift of a cast any day. Another fun birdie melee is that his Halo actually stuns enemies that touch it so you get a bit of stagger on them if you’re not using a high range melee.

I personally enjoy Zephyr (no way, ‘Birdframe_Prime’ likes Zephyr?) who is actually good for melee with the right setup. Using Turbulence to ignore ranged enemies, a Funnel Cloud augment to help apply status or strip armour, Airburst to provide rag dolls for easier damage, and her own unique movement functions to bypass choke points or hazards means she’s actually really survivable.

My point to all of these is to remember that it’s not just the frames with direct melee boosting functions that do well at melee, abilities have more than one use if you want to adapt them.

Experiment a little, see what you can come up with ^^

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Wisp actually makes a very competant melee frame. The passive allows you to close the distance unseen, or there's Will-O-Wisp teleport that can also get you a brief window of invulnerability. Her suite of buffs make her fast, durable and disruptive. Surge can prime people in melee for more damage and disruption.

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Inaros is designed for Melee combat.

He's got his Scarab Armor and high HP.
He's got sand-to-the-face to CrowdControl small areas, letting you "stun" one group while you go fight the ones coming from another direction, then go back and finish them off... and it opens enemies to frontal finishers combined with a passive that restores his life when you kill with a finisher. (and the augment can potentially make a small army pretty fast, though I don't like minions, so I never got this mod.)
He's got Devour to be invincible while he restores his life (I only do this as a last resort.)
He's got a sandstorm if you ever ... um... need to... um... yeah, I don't use this.

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Harrow can be quite busted with channeling zaws. He gets life steal, attacks speed and mana on kill from his kit. I am not sure how his 4 works with blood rush, but in case it is multiplied by it, it will easily surpass those of the headshots. 

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Im quite disappointed no one has mentioned atlas. Not one does he have one of the highest (if not the highest) damaging abilities on his landslide, which scales of melee mods (and melee combo counter) but his has good hard cc for nearby enemies with his 3, innate tankiness from his passive, and he cannot be knocked down like other frames due also to his passive, meaning you can feel free to use weapons other then heavyblades without fearing being knocked down

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There are tons of aweosme melee frames, it depends more on your own personal tastes and preferences. When you consider the frames abilities, mods, arcanes, weapons, companions, plus all the other craziness in this game. You're only limited by your own creativity and access to the gear.

I'll just echo what Bird had to say about it. Experiment with many things, you'll surprise yourself.

I also can't believe noone's mentioned Garuda either. She's highly mobile, insane sustain/ tankiness and extremely strong. Just another option to experiment with. 


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