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Future Twitch item giveaway suggestion


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I suggest that next time a stream happens you kindly post information on how to link Twitch to Warframe on a red text burst before the stream so that other people don't miss out on drops. I was playing and watching the stream so any information like this would have prevented my outcome (Not getting the Nekros Prime drop). If you want to take it one step further you could run a pre-stream a week in advance as a technical test for an hour (show last cons footage or a hype video or some streamers) and have a test drop like a simple email thanking the player for joining them.That way when a player misses the drop you can point at all the steps they could have taken to prevent it. As it stands support sends you a checklist after you've missed the drop which is kind of like suggesting using the oven mitts after someone has burned their hands. It's still their fault in truth, but the timing of your advice ought to be different.

Right when I found out that I had missed out on the drop I couldn't help but feel like Milton in Office Space missing out on the cake!


There has to be some serious psychology behind not getting the free thing 'everyone' else gets that is a real bummer. I can't help but feel cheated and my initial feeling is that I will be less likely to spend money on Warframe. I contacted support and they asked me to post my suggestion here to the forums. I do so to illustrate what a bad decision it is for DE to be unwilling to fix an issue for someone who participated in a community event in good faith.

Will there be people who try to abuse this to get them free stuff? Probably. But they are able to game the system regardless of stream rewards or not, giving them another avenue to do this isn't ideal but weight it against the other possibility. The people who truly watched and don't get their 'cake' may scale back the amount they spend on Warframe, quit entirely, and or spread the negativity to their friends.


' Hey amigo remember how I said I was going to get Nekros Prime? Yeah, the Prime of the one we farmed for way back in the day when this game was just released? Well, turns out I'm getting robbed. I watched their stream and everything and no dice, even messaged support for help and they told me to F off and marked it as "Solved" '


' Hey amigo, I just got the Nekros Prime. Had to contact support but they were super cool about it. Yeah remember when we first farmed Nekros out we had Scout and Hilo playing too? We should get them in on this, the new ship combat is going to be F'kn amazing'



1. Red text instructions on how to connect properly to broadcast for drop. It spreads more awareness of stream and reward and prevents negative outcomes.

2. Pre-stream test one or two weeks in advance. Generate some hype before the main event and get people sorted on the time and date and testing out the drop system with an email to the players inbox. The more barriers to entry you can remove the better.

3. Take another look at letting support (or someone) be able to actually reward people for participating in the stream. How many people who have had a negative outcome keep playing or buying your stuff? Weigh that against possible loss from scammers that have other options to do the same.

4. Thanks for your time - The upcoming content is everything I could have hoped for and more!

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................... there has been tons of notice of the nekros prime on the warframe website, in many streams not just DE's streams, in many warframe discords, on your orbiters annoucement board.

only way to have missed out on the info of the free stuff they were giving out for the tennocon stream would have been if you were under a rock or have been a unsocialable person

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while there was a MASSIVE turnout as so people are slowly getting there nekros prime if you watched the stream as will be like a week or two as the script they have to run to make sure everyone got there nekros has worked its way through.

it was like that last year with the free ash prime as had so many people that the intial script wasnt enough

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