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Wukong Noble Animation


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Wukong's noble animation kinda bothers me... why is it that his head tilted so downwards and his chest move so upwards that both seems to clip into each other. From the back, his neck is stretched very awkwardly. From front, he looked like he has no neck. 

I think you guys trying to make Wukong noble animation the kind of feel like Nekros noble animation (chest and head), though Nekros one is looking good but Wukong one is too extreme.

Please move Wukong's head and chest further away from each other so he doesn't looked like he has no neck or having an awkward looking pose now.

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They're not going to change an existing animation set.

I wouldn't mind a third series of animations though. Heck, I want Vauban to have one where he ain't looking like a hunchback!

BTW, try out Baruuk's or Excalibur Umbra's. They look great on Wukong imo.

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