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Damage Calculation Mechanics Involving Shields?


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When a projectile is dealing damage to a shielded enemy and the damage in this projectile (with all modifiers including health type modifiers considered) is capable of completely removing the shield and digging into the (armored) health, how is the damage in this shot calculated? Especially with projectiles having multiple damage types? (BTW I'm assuming that multishot works in a way such that projectile damages are dealt one after the other in quick succession.)

Is it: 

A. All the damage types in that projectile after health type modifiers against the shield deal just enough to completely take away the shield, and the rest of the modded damage left in that projectile get dealt to the health, and the left over damage apply their new round of health type modifiers against armor+health combo

B. Some other weird ways of implementation that DE might have programmed? 

I am asking this because I'm writing a program that simulates a combat scenario for non melee weapons in warframe as faithfully as possible, meaning all status effects properly taken into account. So that I can quickly simulate the effect of a modded weapon against an enemy and find the kill time, and do so for millions and millions of times for massive amounts of builds against massive amounts of enemies to find out which build is realistically speaking the best choice for a range of enemies. So that myths about builds can finally be settled and I can rest assured that the builds I'm running are absolutely the optimal builds (against certain enemies). 

Anyone has any idea about this? 

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Damage done to shields will only be multiplied with shield weaknesses/resistances (+50% Impact and Cold, +75% Magnetic and -20% Puncture). 

Nothing else.

If there is leftover damage after the shield is taken down, the remaining damage will be multiplied with the armors weaknesses/resistances and additionally include the Armor value of your target to reduce the overall damage.

That's why shields still sukc

Full equation is on wiki


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All the damage to health has the appropriate health and armor modifiers applied to it. All you have to do is get the ratio of damage that should go into health. For example an enemy has 300 shield and you should deal 400 shield damage with all shield modifiers. There is an overage of 100, so you do 100/400, or 1/4 of the damage to health. You then find the FULL damage that that same shot should do to the health and then multiply it by that 1/4 ratio.

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