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Chat doesn't work (can't connect, infinite loading circle) + Warframe process hangs after exiting the game

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Problems with connecting to chat started today. The connection circle icon just spins indefinitely, no error messages Sometimes I can connect to the chats but see no messages in them. One time I connected to the chats and saw messages, including one asking if everyone in regional chat just died suddenly, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one having issues. I'm assuming the Warframe process keeps hanging in the task manager due to this infinite "can't connect to chat servers" thing going on in the background but I can't be sure.

EDIT: The problem seems intermittent and sometimes sorts itself out.

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В 14.08.2019 в 22:04, [DE]Tweep сказал:

If you could please contact support at support.warframe.com,
someone should be able to assist you. 

as a result of the survey, 26 people were found with the same problem, including from different countries
I create a ticket #1865532 in support

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