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Need help with Warframe



So im having this problem from the day i started playing Warframe , and that made me quit 4 months ago but i came back again.

So my issue is this : FPS

im sitting on i5 4460 , R7 200series , 8 gigs of ram DDR3 1333mhz .
Im playing warframe on 1600:900 aspect ration 16:9 Windowd
Screen 21inch 
the graf settings are all on LOW or Disabled.

and with all this im getting 40 50 FPS in normal maps but in Eidolon and new content that drops to 20 30 and its rlly unstable it jumps up and down.

Im getting new Graphic soon RX 570 8 gigs i know that will help but ... do i need more then 8 gigs of ram ? maybe 16 in total ? 

Im having 45 to 50 FPS while in ship , normal maps 30 to 45 and Eidolon less then 30.


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Unfortunately, Eidolon fights and Orb Vallis are all pretty hardware intensive areas. What you can do though is try to increase your paging files and see if that works. Its the solution that worked smooth out those areas/hectic battles for me.

Also, I know you said all settings are low, but also make sure that your texture memory setting is high

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IMO It's the gpu that's the issue, r7 200 series is pretty old now, so your upgrade should help with that aspect. 

As to ram, personally I wouldn't run a gaming machine with less than 16GB ram (currently I'm running 32GB) and an ssd (even if it's just a sata one) these days. The reason I mention ssd is that you don't mention if you have one and personally I saw more 'gain' in general performance going to an ssd from a hard drive than adding more ram etc, however this was a long time ago for me now.

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