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[2 New Leagues] Warframe Hardcore League and Racing League


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Hey hey Tenno

You've heard veterans moan. "This is the devil", they say, "DE hates veterans and stuff." 

Are you tired of rolling your eyes? Does nothing help? My fellow Tenno, do I have a deal for you...

**Hardcore League enters stage left, and Racing League, stage right.**

Hardcore League

  1. In Hardcore league, players start from scratch. They work together to unlock the content a-new. (No cut scenes in these leagues)
  2. Each Hardcore character gets one life. (Resuscitation still works) Characters that die lose everything, except...
  3. [Perhaps] their stuff is melted into a pool of forma and skins that fresh hardcore characters pull from. Fresh characters start from scratch, working to unlock the weapons and frames they want to spend their forma and skins on. (No transferring between leagues in order to keep the economies stable))
  4. Interested? Then give DE a reason to care by defining the league in the comments below and forum-wide.

Racing League

  • Same as Hardcore League, except it's a periodic race with skins, prime parts and forma as prizes.
  • [Perhaps] DE holds a race every Saturday in order to accommodate all time-zones. 1 hour races, 2 hour races, and the holy grail of races, the trifecta of races which is held once every big-old-patch, open to clans, random groups and solo-players, namely; The first-ten-to-unlock-the-entire-Star-Chart. 
  • Stream friendly. Fat prizes.
  • Which frame would you start with? (Volt-Master-Race?)

Give veterans this trifle if you want to keep Freedom alive. Yes Tenno, freedom is inexplicably in danger again. On the star chart maybe? Who knows?

No stumbling over the details! Just ask the important question... 

Am I a tenno-can, or a tenno-can't?

DalaiDrama love forma. Send love.

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21 hours ago, DalaiDrama said:

"DE hates veterans and stuff."

You are literally the first person I have ever heard make any mention of DE hating veterans and stuff, even via anecdotal quotations.

In fact, I've only really heard much to the opposite, that there is so much end game content that it pulls veteran players in 20 different directions, that new players find a lack of content and excitement, that so much is locked behind MR, junctions, star chart completion, etc. that new players feel a distinct lack of content, or a grind to open up new content. I've only really ever heard veterans telling new players "stick with it, because the game explodes with stuff to do when you get further into it." On social media, youtube videos, etc., players of MR 20+ telling those still in the low teens that give this game terrible reviews that they simply haven't gotten far enough to have opened up the more major portions of the game. Everything and anything I have heard, quite honestly, is almost exactly opposite what you've suggested here...


And honestly, the suggestion feels cheap.

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