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Please make Ephemera's available to buy via Store or tradable


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Hi everyone, 

So I love the look of the new Ephemera's but I haven't got the time to grind for hours and hours and hours to get them, One of the things that I love about this game is that it caters for gamer's who have lots of time to spend playing this game and are able to get these things for free and gamer's who have commitments in real life and haven't got the time to grind these things but have the option to buy them or to trade for the. I'm the latter, I have a high profile job that demands allot of my time and a family that demands just as much. This leaves me very little time to myself and when I do have time I can only spend a very little amount of it playing this game BUT I still would like the opportunity to have all the nice shiny things gamer's who have allot of time to play this game.

Therefore it would be great if you can put all the Ephemera's on the store and making them trad-able so I can enjoy what others have the privilege of time have.

Thank you for your attention on this. 

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