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Why Doesn't This Game Have A Search Feature?


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Yanno what would make this game even better?  A search engine for missions.


I log into Warframe and I think to myself "I want to play a defense mission, tier 3, don't care who it's against, but I want to be with other players".  Why can't I queue for that by opening a little tab, clicking those options and clicking search?


As it is I have to scroll through planets putting my cursor over planets and it feels like a waste of time.


Could we have a search feature added sometime in the future?


EDIT:  Apparently this was unclear, I mean a match making search engine.  Aka getting people into a game with other players quickly via an automated system.

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So you now want them to do the job of finding you missions now?


im serious about the new sentinel that walks you through the stage, we already have one that collects loot for you, we have one that kills for you, can we please have one that walks us through the mission?


i mean what is the players fascination with having everything handed to them?

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