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1 hour ago, SkornedBeef said:

Is there away to decorate a clan hall to look orokin and like color it? I'm trying to get gold color right now and I saw they have white...but what else?

- Orokin decorations: loads were added in the last dojo update, they are literally assets from the Void Tileset. most of them are also super easy to build.

- Tower White and Conductor Gold colours. Tower White drops from Dargyn Pilots on the Plains IIRC and Conductor Gold drops from Embattor MOAs on the Orb Vallis. research both colours and you'll have the palette you need.

me and my clan - along with many others, I would assume - have decked out our Dojo to make it a "dojo Prime". there's still other stuff I want to work on, like a treasury and an Armory. but until they give us things like lockers, tables with disassembled weapons on them and weapons we can hang on walls, I won't be able to make this as I want. hopefully Dojos will get more attention with Empyrean/Railjack.

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