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Lato Visi-Satitis and basic maths


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So, came back after a longish break.Came back played a bit, just to find out somehow my bootiful riven for my old ass Lato Vandal is working,it was working, from what I remember before PoE....Now, it's working In an interesting way.And it does like this:

Without the riven Lato Vandal has 15/210 ammo with the riven 15/0 ?!As retarded as that is, that's not all.Once you fired your 15 bullets THAT'S ALL.You can't pick S#&$ up you just got a useless S#&$ for the rest of the mission.

It's a S#&$ negative but nowhere it says -1000% Maximum ammo.It says -100.1(really needed the .1)% wich would make the total ammo definietly not 15 bullets, but 112.5, let's call it 112, it would be fine.




So.DE, get your S#&$ together and fix this S#&$ so I can enjoy my Lato again.

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