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Can we have sub options for the gear wheel so we can keep it more clean and easier to use for new items?


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I've watched the railjack demo and you people keep adding new items to use on the gear wheel, i don't mind that, the only problem that i see with that is that i have too many stuff on the wheel and when i add new stuff i add them last because the first 9 items i can keybind to the numpad keys, so what about the 10th or 20th item? i have to search for them one by one and sometimes i miss it and reach the last so i have to search again in reverse.

So what i'm suggesting is to select one button or whatever it's called to open another wheel, i mean it closes the current wheel and then opens another completely empty. There we can drop we can drop whatever stuff we want, like fishing spears, and on another the scanner and sinthesis trap, and so on so we can keep the main wheel clean and easier to use with new or more important stuff, like the archwing launcher or energy/health pads.

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