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The John Prodman Experience


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So let me start off by saying I am not really into designing my Orbiter.

So this happened last night. I was lurking in Recruit Chat to look for High Index/Kuva Farming squads and for minutes of lurking, a player went off saying "H 1hr High Index". Messaged him that I can join the High Index but will only be up until only a few rounds. I said this because I thought he was farming credits. But he declined saying "No. I want to go there for John Prodman." So I ignored him. A few minutes past still looking for kuva and credit farm, I decided that I'll join since I don't have anything else to do. So we went with this composition in our squad: Trinity, Slowva, Rhino and Mesa.

For the first few minutes, I was bored because we were doing it really slow (I hate the Gas City reworked tileset in Index). But then they started doing voice comms, it was fun hearing those people talk with different accents. I did not join because I don't really feel doing voice comms with strangers. My boredom went down a little because those people were not toxic. They laughed and screamed in excitement despite dying multiple times. Then came the shout of excitement that the Employee of the Year has arrived. We grouped up and shot him even though he was in his invulnerable phase. As John Prodman disappeared, my heart started pumping and adrenaline started rising because we had less than 60 seconds left on the timer and we were weakened by focusing on Prodman. We died multiple times trying to get points to cash in and when there was 3 seconds left, I banked 3 points and the timer increased to 30 seconds but it was already too late. We can no longer move due to having no energy and enemies doing a ton of damage everytime we respawn but we did it. We won the index and got the Prodman Autograph!

I did not realize it then but I really had fun. The most excitement I had since I started playing Warframe. So to those who I played with me last night, thank you for the fun experience and camaraderie you gave me even for a brief moment. I was the Mesa that had little kills. See you guys around! 


I just read John Prodman's origin. It is great that DE really do listen to their community sometimes.

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