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Please Improve Sentinel Part Placement (Pictures)


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I feel like i wasted 30 plat.

Old masks looked OK, but for example this new one does not make any sense to be slapped on top of it with so much distance. I know it simply attaches to the white cross on sentinel, but can we please have a tweak on some of the parts to make it look better:


- push some masks inside the sentinel, make it clip a little but at least we won't have these double horns and double faces.

- get rid of so much rotating on the wings of the carrier, it looks stupid.

- more tweaks on parts with each sentinel, so on each of them parts are rotated and positioned to look best, I'm sure people responsible for art in DE have an eye for what looks good.



If not then can we have an option to push parts around and rotate them? turn off some animations like crazy spinning wings?

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