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Which operator face looks the best?

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For the past few days I’ve been looking for an improvement to my current op and I’ve come up with a few new ones. I don’t have a fav yet and am wondering which you guys like the best, or if anyone has their own suggestions


My current op face



Version 1



Version 2



Version 3



Version 4



Version 5




Vote here (Strawpoll) or put a comment

If you want to see different angles or the face combos used feel free to ask

and thanks in advance for any feedback

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Have you changed the eyes and/or eyebrows on first 4 and mouth on the last one or is it the same face in different stages of breathing?

Glasses, makeup and scars are the same. It is hard to say if there is the difference at a first glance.

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V5.  V2 is a decent second.

The lips don't seem so far from the nose like she's constantly dropping her mouth or something.  The lips are also fuller.

It's really the mouth position that gets me in the rest.  Just too low.

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V2 or 5.

If it were me I'd ditch the glasses as it's got too much going on... But otherwise the others have too much of a surprised and/or long face with a slightly big forehead going on. 

Edit: Bah, voted 5 in the end but I actually prefer 2 in retrospect. Hard as the eye and mouth positioning is a bit iffy for me. 

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