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Matchmaking SUCKS( in a nutshell)


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WOW... where do i start:

- i am EST after 12am + Good luck finding anyone to partner with you for anything....

i get it its late but NOOOO ONE LIKE NOOO ONE common...... thats bs 

so people who work like screw them right.... i understand there is a lack of players at that time but NOO ONE??? (soulja boy voice)

- if i back out of index wager screen BECAUSE I NEED TO SELL STUFF FO CREDITS!! why put and X there and have us disband the pt and remake it REALLY!! thats soooo flipping annoying.

-PLZ OMG PLZ fix this host migration BS, why give one noob player so much power to put 3 others in a fat loading screen..... it makes no sense

- GIVE US A KICK BUTTON ADD A VITO IF YOU NEED TOO, it sometimes takes ages making a team of four for a relic run JUST TO HAVE 1 PCE OF CRAP TRY TO SLIP IN THE WRONG RELIC!!. It's ok tho because you get to disband that party you spend 30minutes assembeling because of that idiots decision to trick the party (this should be a ban worthy offence IDC) 

I literally NEVER join fourms i dont have the time, so when i do it's because the issues with a game get soo bad for me i have to express myself in hopes for change. 

i mentioned in another thread, why put a mission or map that is glitched as a playable for sortie? 2 weeks ago ish the alad v infested map glitched where he would hide under the map.... 2 WEEKS LATER YOU ADD IT BACK FULLY GLITCHED LOADED..... forget taking it out and fixing it befor readding just fil it in there let the players figure it out.... it took 20minutes to get somone to jump in my pt and form a party just to lose it all because of a mission glitch? As we speak from 1 am i have been on the waiting for players screen.... its 1:47. all this because on my last sortie mission i lose my ONLY party to a glitch. AND YES IM RANTING I AM FED UP WITH THIS. P.s i only rant because i  believe DE should be held at a higher standard because they are a great company. i expect this S#&$ from a teenager hosting a private server not you guys...  

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Hello. I play after work in Mountain Time, usually 7-11 MST. I usually play all day Saturdays (off and on) if you are available then. Feel free to drop me a line any time we are on together. Though I did notice that when I play past midnight I often have to solo. I think it is just the nature of a MMO. There are just not enough people playing that late, I think. I too recently had a super crazy schedule but am now gladly on the day shift. 

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