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Endless Fissure mission - unable to see and select relic reward


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So this has been a problem before TennoCon 2019, but lately I have experienced that during any Endless Fissure missions (survival, defense, excavation, interception, etc.), at the end of a rotation, sometimes I won't be able to see the rewards nor be able to select any of the other players' rewards - it would be stuck on my relic reward. There would be no image of the reward either except for the text "Loading..." and the image would not load at all. This has not happened to me during one-run fissure missions (Capture, Mobile Defense, Exterminate, Spy, etc.), only endless fissure missions.

Below is the Imgur link that has 4 images showing this bug and time passing during the relic reward selection process to show that nothing changes as time passes.




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