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Ash prime unvaulting



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3 minutes ago, (NSW)Badger said:

whelp. Nyx is one of the few primes I still need. If only she would come with a rework, too 😉

Didn't they just did one with titiana? Or was that just a small rework.

8 minutes ago, (PS4)DreamLessOne said:

Will DE unvault ash prime in the near future? 

DE has been know to jump back and forth between old frames and ones that haven't been unvaulted yet. Should be in the next one since this is a repeat unvaulting.

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24 minutes ago, (PS4)DreamLessOne said:

So hopefully in the next or second next unvaulting?


Hopefully.... the only Prime Warframe unvaultings I haven't lived through are the Saryn Prime/Ash Prime/Trinity Prime/Valkyr Prime..... I think I started playing just as Banshee Prime was tossed into the vault....

So really the odds of Ash getting unvaulted are 50/50....

I mean.... whos going to come out sooner or later.... 

OOOOOOOOOOOOR.... if you managed to stock up on some of those loki prime parts you can sell a set and buy ash....


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