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Grineer Spawning Might Be Bugged?


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At least a couple of times now, I've seen ridiculously large numbers of Grineer Lancers/Troopers/etc. spawn at once. This has happened on relatively low-level (10- to 20-ish?) missions of the "reach an objective" type (i.e. Rescue, Sabotage, etc.); the player(s) are halfway through a room, and then two dozen or more Grineer start pouring through the door that the players are headed for.


This kind of spawn pattern might make sense for Infested. However with Grineer enemies' behavior, their damage output adds up, while at the same time the amount of usable cover for the players quickly disappears. This can become a challenging obstacle for even well-equipped players, and likely an impossible one for players with more level-appropriate gear.


I'm assuming the goal isn't to regularly wipe squads of new players with Grineer shock-and-awe tactics. I could be wrong.

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