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Invisible player after warframe death during host migration (Spoilers)


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I was playing Limbo we had just failed an attempt at sealing a fracture in Orb Vallis, 1 person leaves after this defeat. Causing a host migration.
After which I managed to die (as in I have to use one of my 4 revives to come back) and simultaneously the current host leaves the game. Now I have become the host and I am in Tenno mode for some reason (cannot recall whether or not I pressed 5) and get killed as Tenno. Now I did not return to my warframe. I was just a Camera with the Tenno HUD.

I could still move and press shift for a quick slide. I could not interact with anything, I was not being seen by enemies (as far as I'm aware). other buttons appeared to do nothing including typing into the chat, I could however stil see the chat.

Walking through water made waves, people were still spawning where I was, and I could still enter the Fortuna lift after many slides. The lift still registered me as a player.
After this we entered Fortuna and all the problems were fixed.

Also while in this "camera mode" I could still pick things up.




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