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Double-tap to cycle nested abilities plz

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(I thiiink this post falls under "UI")

Nested abilities, like Ivara's Quiver, still feel clumsy to cycle through, whether you use the tap-to-cycle or hold-to-cycle option. Tap-to-cycle makes cycling easiest, but then you have to hold-to-use the abilities, which feels slow and clumsy, especially for squishy frames like Ivara. Alternatively, hold-to-cycle is also slow and clumsy since the game is fast and situations change fast and when you can't cycle abilities equally fast it's just annoying. A real Sophie's choice here.

The solution: double-tap to cycle nested abilities. It might conflict with very spamming abilities, but I don't think most abilities work out well when they are spammed at double-tap speed.

DE, please. That's all.

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