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Needed setting for UI


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Good day!

I really like the demonstration of gameplay from the developers and there is a completely different interface. Because of this, you can observe beautiful gameplay. In daily missions this is not achieved. I would like to be able to use this interface or configure it myself.

In the interface settings there are parameters for disabling the elements of the interface itself, but not everything...Screenshot-1-1.png

1. Simple sight.



2. The status of shields, health and energy.



3. The status of abilities and weapons.     



4. Mission briefing and incoming messages.



5. Map - (the terrain map is still working when you press M)


6. The status of the mission. (Mission icons are still on the map)


7. Mission badges. (Mission icons are still on the map.)       


8. Other icons (players, resources, hacking panels, secondary.)



9. Simplified badges.



10. Different Action statuses at the center of the screen.



11. Information raised resources.



12. When an inventory or a detailed map is opened, all interface elements (2. Health and energy status, 3. Ability and weapon status, 6. Map, 7. Mission status.) Are turned on temporarily.



I would like this interface оnly a map with mission icons and a simple sight.


For many experienced players, this is an opportunity to refuse information that they already know and in return receive more beauties of the game. Also, the smaller the interface, the better the immersion. I myself as a veteran of the game, turn off the interface to just enjoy the action. But sometimes you have to check the task and return the interface for a while and this is not convenient.

Is it possible to disable the interface by pressing a key ... Or maybe there is already a way to bind the interface off and on with a key?

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