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Void: What If It Gave Multiple Rewards?


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Since the Void came out and up to this point (and the future), DE has continually added Primes and their parts in the Void, wouldn't it be a matter of time before the loot drops become extremely diluted? I mean REALLY diluted where common drops are effectively rare unless they added new sets of keys.


What I'm suggesting is to have a chance to get multiple Void rewards (I mean you are basically raiding/securing ancient Orokin bases). The chance should increase with the according to the tiers (T1: 25%, T2: 50%, T3: 75%. Could be more or less).


Assuming that the drop works similar to the defense rewards (i.e. the drop tables are arranged in certain intervals and a number is generated during the start of the game to determine the reward), you could make it so that you get two numbers that get you two different rewards. If preferred, there could be a certain difference between the two numbers so that you can get different parts of different primes.



Note that this is assuming the game makes it long enough that there are too many Primes that cannot be accommodated; even with the new loot table layout. Until then, this should be that much of a priority

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I think it would be great if we got 3-4 radomized things


Warframe part

sword part

gun/bow part

possible miscellaneous (forma, forma BP)


The miscellaneous if chosen by RNG could replace the warframe part or a part for something else. 



Assuming that the game makes it to U17 and DE shoved more primes into the Void than you could shake a stick at, this is a good idea. They could make different intervals for different parts (Primaries, Secondaries, Melee, Frames, Formas). The randomness and amount of extra items should manually depend on the amount of Prime items in the Tower, though.



I like this idea but the drop tables would need to be reworked again to implement what your suggesting


I think this falls more within the problem of scripting and not too much on arranging the tables. They could make the reward script roll whether you're eligible to get 2 items (or more); if you are then, the script generates two points that could also be spread apart by a certain distance (around 20%, maybe); or not. Although that is for the first idea.


For the idea above you, they could make it so that there is a roll at generation to determine how many items types (Primaries, Secondaries, etc.) that you get. If you get, let's say 3, then they make another roll to determine which ones you get. And finally, generate the numbers that fall within the selected intervals. (If a Dev reads this, just say if it's too impractical or redundant)

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