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How About Patch Walls Instead Of Grind Walls?


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How about instead of the monthly mega patches like U10 we get smaller stepwise patches. What if instead of one rushed, overworked U10 we'd have gotten 3 different updates spaced over say 6 weeks for example?

1 patch with the survival change and new void content. Then 2 weeks later the normal derelict missions, mutagen move, and clan weapons. 2 weeks after that the golem and Nekros.

That would let DE release smaller, less rushed, bug lite, and continuous content. While also extending content life, not through horrid grind walls but through path separations. Then there would be no need to cram the void tables without proper item drop rates, it would have been the focus of a patch not an afterthought. Then there is more time to discuss ClanTech weapon power and pricing, they would have been the goal of their own patch. Then instead of us screaming about the golem grind we would have had 2 weeks to collect golem navs without even knowing what they do, building hype not contempt.

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