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Wukong Prime: Hotfix 25.3.2 +

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I love when y'all fix stuff....but you really really really really need to fix the HOST MIGRATION issue!!!!!  Especially in things like Arbitration and the Sanctuary Onslaught.  It gets us killed, turns abilities off and we don't get that energy back, and we lose points towards Focus on top of it's the most annoying thing in the whole game.

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On 2019-07-13 at 3:14 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Historically the number of concurrent enemies in Survival was related to where the mission was in the Star Chart; early missions tended to have less enemies and later missions tended to have more and this number did not change even when you stayed in a mission longer to face higher-level enemies. As an experiment we have changed the scaling mechanic so that staying in a low-level mission longer will also increase the enemy count as it increases the enemy level until it hits the same cap it would have for high-level missions

Is there an overall max cap to the number of enemies in a single mission? The plains and the Vallis can run an impressive amount of effects and enemies of multiple different types. 

I'm future, could you push this cap up? 

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On 2019-07-12 at 5:14 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Wukong Prime: Hotfix 25.3.2

  • Removed Wisp footstep sounds when wall running.

Wall running was removed from the game with Update 17.0.

  • Removed outstanding old Corpus Lockers and replaced them with the new Locker meshes.

Did those lockers also became nigh-indistinguishable from each other for people without color-related sight deficiencies like the last set?

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18 hours ago, Springlake said:

There's a companion app for your phone.

You can craft almost everything in the game from that while you are out and about doing something else besides gaming. Especially since it's only a minute build time for 10 of them.

For a moment, place yourself into the shoes of the poster.

1) I want energy restores.  So that I can dash through a mission, or go endurance.  In the former I need them now and in the latter I need a bunch of them.

2) Build time is a minute.

3) The foundry cannot auto-queue and will not auto-collect completed items.


Based upon the above, I have two avenues of frustration.  If I need a bunch of these I can either spend my time outside of Warframe downloading their application, logging in, clicking the thing 3-5 times every minute, and awaiting the potentially substantial delay between input and processed command.  That's making a game less fun, and more of a life consuming slog.


The alternative frustration is having to drop back into the orbiter, run to the foundry after every mission, and slap down another build while hoping that there's no significant delay that breaks up the whole space ninja illusion to show the underlying farming simulation.


Either way, there's on login allowed.  Phone or computer.  You can't run a 30-60 minute mission, tapping on the phone every few minutes to manage builds.  The foundry is closed, please come back later.  The simplistic solution of more pizzas, at a greater cost, with a slightly longer wait is pretty reasonable.  Slap down a build, do a long mission, and by the time you pop out the build is done.  Why you'd act as though the companion application is a solution....baffles the mind.  It's like saying the grind for mutagen samples is acceptable, because the grind gives people the opportunity to also grind for nanospores....true but entirely missing the reason the complaint was made.








The extractor system seems to be broken as of the latest updates.  It used to be that 1 in 20 to 30 deployments were goofy, because the Kuva Fortress was too close to a planet and thus you couldn't deploy an extractor on both the planet and fortress.  Frustrating, but not broken.  Now almost every deployment just doesn't decide to work.  You click deploy, get brought back to the planet screen, and there's nothing there.  Go back out to the system, reclick the planet, and try 1-3 more times before an extractor deploys.  Then there's the occasion where 2 or more extractors deploy to one planet.  You've got to retrieve them, and redeploy to have a single extractor and the proper quantity in inventory.

Combining this with the inability to quick melee from the scanner, the absolutely broken scaling in the Vallis (40-43 level enemies, and 60 seconds later 70+ enemies in one location), archwing drops still behind an insane drop from Profit Taker missions, and the fundamental misunderstanding of why K-drives stink and Itzal was literally the only reasonable choice for your open world structures doesn't give me faith in Railjack.

Let me make predictions now. 

1) Ship colors and designs will be a real world currency purchase.

2) Component drops will be random drops but level gated.  This means you'll have to grind through trash tier drops to get the few that are amazing, to grind the next tier, until eventually you can get a decent build together.  I'm looking squarely at you fishing system.  Grind out the basic fish, to make the bait for the better fish, to harvest more bits, to make better bait, to catch the stuff you actually need to plateau on the next grind power level.

3) New components will be introduced, that drop in such a way as to prevent long term players from consuming the content unless they grind the life out of the new mission.

4) Two months later, once the content is ground through and the 3d space combat in a game selling itself as a looter/shooter is shown to be bolted on, there'll be nobody left.  There will be people in groups doing it, but there won't be any random groups willing to leave the core experience.  Read: Archwing, K-Drives, Defections, Disruptions, Exploiter Orb, PoE with the exception of Eidolon hunts, grove specters, and any low level mission on the star chart.  The stuff that people burn through, identify as tacked on but not integral content, play as needed, and forget for 99% of the rest of the time.

5) Despite already having a year (since playing a highly scripted demo, so who knows how long actually), we're still 3-6 months out.  Alternatively it's "Soon" and we're going to suddenly have something too buggy and that some group learns to cheese in the first few hours.  I can see Railjack being a pseudo-endgame, with 50% of the content at low level and 50% at high level (with the gap being a grind that is difficult to justify for new players).  This'll be another roll of the dice as to whether it's broken, late, both.  My bet is both, with a sprinkling of artificial wait that will get patched our 2-3 years later, so that new players don't have to sit through the grind of old content.  Read: Mutalist Alad V nav coordinates and Excalibur Umbra being constructed in second rather than 84 hours.


In short, our last content drop was a prime.  Before that, it was 6 new items (Komorex, Cyanex, Fulmin, Wisp, a boss and game mode with ultra rare meh mods).  We're talking multiple months delivering virtually nothing.  Can we please figure this out?  You've stolen Nightwave from Fortnite (seasons), without reviewing the constant stream of content they require to work.  2 modes, a few slots, some resources, another gate to artificially give us choice while rewarding less, and cosmetics are...less than impressive for a 10 week period.  Maybe instead of Nightwave, another highly experimental tangent game mode, and chasing the latest trends we can get a revision of our looter/shooter space ninja game....You know, that thing that you use Nightwave to remind people of because there's no reason to go back and do certain stuff once the grind is over unless it serves some other grind...

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On 2019-07-13 at 1:14 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Removed outstanding old Corpus Lockers and replaced them with the new Locker meshes.

You Monsters. You really hate those lockers so much despite players complaining about these little Easter eggs being taken out!?


Fixed the camera snapping to an odd orientation when performing actions that lock its orientation (namely, rotating/pulling/pushing Decorations in the Orbiter).

FINALLY! This undoes my anger with the last post! Now we can all build happily in our Orbiters and Dojos!!!!!! Hopefully more people can comfortably use these the editors and therfore create more demand on Ikeaframe! (Seriously hoping we get some interactive/movable decorations like pistons, doors, npc's, etc, and some more generic rooms to unleash our creativity on)

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Any idea when we can expect a fix to the Achievement "Animal Lover"? Perfect captures are not working towards the achievement on PC. I have tried both using abilities, and not using abilities; no matter what I try, the Perfect Captures will not work.

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En 12/7/2019 a las 16:40, Fast_Pickle dijo:

if you need maiming strike just to finish a single round of ESO the game mode is not the problem its you

You do realize I meant getting on solo mode to level 8 right? A whole AABC rotation? I really hope you are just trying to look cool because if not, you might wanna be a little less of a pro gamer and learn some basic real life competences like basic text understanding.

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