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Wukong Prime: Hotfix 25.3.2 +

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Thanks for the Fixes DE you guys are doing really good work. The list is long and the minor issues are many, thank you for all you do to keep the game running and as cool as it is. The percentage of awesome in this game far outweighs the problems :D

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5 hours ago, Fast_Pickle said:

all of these fixes and not one for the zhuge.
are you people that lazy or just ignore anything once its 2 days old?  and if you had all of these fixes ready and being worked on why was a bugged prime in the access you are trying to sell not being addressed
how about not being able to see exalted weapons anymore?


also, why are for with no given reason doing trashy add ons , did you really have to time gate us another 20 seconds. are you that desperate?

Cant tell if you are joking and if you aren't. smdh...

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9 hours ago, Lance_Lionroar said:

Thanks, but we seem to run into the "too few enemy spawns" issue even in the higher level tilesets. Sometimes not even when playing solo. I think just upping the spawn rate in general in missions like survival, especially making it independent of how many players are in the mission, would be a great help.


This is good. Some teleport pits are actually unnecessary to begin with, and their existence should be minimized. Especially when you consider how merely touching an area you're not supposed to debuffs you of everything.


Are there any planned changes towards manual blocking? Or at least manual gliding? As it stands you can only glide with your primary/secondary weapons unless you only have melee equipped. Not only does this prevent blocking while gliding in mid-air, but also if you only have a primary + melee equipped and you're carrying a canister, merely clicking RMB will automatically drop that canister. It's very annoying, and the opposite of fluid.

On that same note, there's still no fix for unequipping the mining gear whenever you melee. It was not that way upon release, this got bugged somewhere along the way and it's not being talked about.

Same with your simaris scanner. Very aggravating, and it was fixed - then gas city came along and somehow messed that up again.

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Thx for the giant batch of fixes DE!

Yet I still don't see any fixes for swords unable to perform frontal finishers. This includes Excalibur's 4 as well along with the whole sword category (Darka Prime, Krohkur, Broken War etc. etc.)

Plz fix this fast. The problem seems to come from the new finisher animations that were updated a month ago. 

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Curious about this, I watched Tennocon on Angry Joe's Twitch stream and I did not receive any of the items that were supposed to be given out to people who watched/participated in the event. Is there a place I can go to submit a ticket for this? We were told this would be resolved by the end of this week and yet I see nothing in the patch notes indicating this or anything of the sort? Can we get a little insight here please!!

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13 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

All trophies are now exempt from Clan XP and will not reward it.

Uh what

I'm in a newer clan and I don't see why I should be on the same level as an ancient clan. Our clan didn't participate in those events, we didn't earn anything, we should not be at the same point as a good clan that was there for that and busted their ass to get their trophies.

The ignis wraith research and the solar rails are the only thing that makes older clans better than new clans right now, those things are good, keep exclusives please. (exclusive in terms of exclusive to an event, you can bring back an event or system like the solar rails and that would be welcomed.)

The solar rails can easily come back as an event and it should.
The Ignis Wraith research is a weird case because you can get the ignis wraith from baro and you can get the blueprint for free from some players, but since we can get it in other ways, the clans that can generate infinite blueprints should be able to keep that trait above newer clans. They should be able to keep their exclusiveness and be awarded affinity for it.

It should be the same for trophies. Clans that earned it should be able to be better than clans that haven't. Nobody cares about it as a decoration, people only care about it for the way of saying "I earned this and this makes my clan better than a new clan" 


just a quick example: If in real life olympic medalists got medals but they could never say how many they had and how decorated they are, the trophies would be near worthless. If they could only keep them in their home where only they know the value of it, it means a lot less than if other people are able to see how much they worked for them, trophies are meant to show off how hard someone has worked.

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Hopefully the Update fix the problem with my Frame spike (A.K.A frame rate) stuck between game play, it feel likes similar (Bug or Glitch) to Black screen or Blue screen (froze the screen entirely, even re_installing might not fix it), most it happen between play around 6 or 10 mins at most. [ BTW i Rage Quit more then 20 times, because of the bug it cause ]


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14 hours ago, MirageKnight said:

- Zenith will randomly switch to full auto after firing a single shot when in alt-fire mode.

This! I keep hitting Ctrl + F just to see if this has been fixed LOL

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104 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.

Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:





  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped



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