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Flagged as "Ineligible due to inactivity" despite activity.


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I was running Hydron to level Paracesis and during the Wave 5 reward I was met with the curious "Not Eligible due to Inactivity" information, I didn't catch it during Wave 5 but here's a screenshot of it at Wave 10, where something apparently changed and I was no longer flagged as inactive. So you see Wave 5 I was supposedly inactive while I got the rewards for Wave 10.



And here's an additional screenshot from right after Wave 5, (That's me, IGN LapuLapo wondering aloud to the squad why that happened) Clearly I was getting kills and participating, one person in the squad suggested it may have been due to using Melee and never shooting? But I continued doing that through Wave 10 and got that reward.  But as you can see from stats, I was getting plenty of melee kills while I tried to get xp for Paracesis, but nonetheless was tagged as inactive. I was basically just mashing E and parkouring around. Maybe an automated system thought I was using attack macros or something?
Hopefully this is useful. I'm not ultimately bothered that I lost one of many Hydron reward rotations, but I am a little bothered by the false positive on the inactivity. So hopefully this post helps tracking down a potential cause of that.

For reference, this occured basically right before the hotfix that happened today (25.3.2) I left the mission and saw redtext, basically right away.



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