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Anti-Gravity Grenade possibly making Hydron unbeatable


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I meant to submit this a while ago and forgot. 

The week Wisp launched on PS4 I was in Hydron (I wasn't using Wisp) with my Moa. In the end we could not extract due to the game telling us there was 1 remaining enemy to kill to end the wave, and that enemy was apparently outside the window in space according to the marker but we couldn't physically see the enemy.

Sadly, my Zenith didn't seem to be able to hit it outside of the ship, where the marker was claiming it was. I can't say for sure that Anti-Gravity Grenade was the cause of this issue, but that's my guess since we were having issues with the floating enemies getting stuck in the upper areas of the room and might've slipped through a hole in the terrain or something.

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