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Archwing universal blink? (don't know if the hotfix today added this or not)


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Same here. Though i pressed shift and it catapulted me out of the map and the mission was scrapped. Couldn't even move towards extraction, like some kind of a "soft" wall prevented me going towards it. I just wanted to level my archwing and weapons for the bloody Limbo mission...

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Same - however on the second mission I flew outside of the map and was then forcibly extracted because I simply couldn't see where I should be going. What seemed to trigger it was as I flew towards my last two opponents I appeared to blink forwards and past them. I turned around and started to fly back to where I'd come from (which I presumed was back into the legitimate part of the map) when I experienced that "falling swiftly down a well effect" where the map is just a receding square. 

I had similar-ish issues fighting the golem with a team about 2 weeks before TennoCon where everyone couldn't see the objective or the golem and one player was left to try and solo it and then effect an extraction.

I noticed in this problem today that the when trying to get to extraction I was doing about 1 meter per 2 or 3 seconds at max speed - hitting shift repeatedly seemed to roll me through the issue quicker. 

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