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Assassin buff


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Alright so I think we all encountered one of assassins at least once, it was either Stalker, Zanuka Hunter, G3 or even Wolf from 1st season of Nightwave. At first they seem dangerous and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible, but right now they are a joke! Same goes for syndicates that "hate" you, but all they do is send couple eximus and that's it. Assassins were realy a joke until Wolf came. He was realy tanky and was more challenging than other assassins and when he received a buff from Alad V he was even more dangerous. Only other assassin that we know who received a buff (or in his case a nerf) is Stalker during The Second Dream quest when he became Shadow Stalker, but he easly killed by using amp on him.

I want you to keep in mind that this is my first forum forum post and I will take any critics, advices amd new ideas


I am working on a system where assassin's level will be determined by players equipment ranks and mastery rank (WIP)


(Tbh I feel bad for Stalker. He is supposed to be nightmare for the Tenno, but I think it's the other way around)

First of, give Stalker his old equipment back. After nerfing into Shadow Stalker he lost Absorb and Shuriken abbility as well as Dread, Despair and Hate and he received War as his only weapon what realy limits his range. Or maybe even better idea: give him new equipment

Absorb should be replaced by Seismic Shockwave. For you who are not familiar with that abbility it's the one that Heavy gunners use to annoy us with their stun. This abbility would only get activated when you remove Stalker's damage resistance or deal damage to his shield and HP with amp with enought damage to knock you back into your warframe. This will prevent people from melting Stalker with their amp.

Give Stalker sentient overshields. Now to get this clear right away, Stalker will not use Shockwave when you deal damage to his sentient shield, only when you deal damage to his normal shields, HP and when you remove his damage resistance. Since he received a sentient buff in Second Dream I belive it would be fair if he receives sentient shield or in this case overshield. I think giving him sentient shield equil to Ropalolyst's shields would be enough. This way player would have to get rid of his sentient overshield and then fight him with damage resistance (and if they use amp on him to remove damage resistance player will get knocked back into warframe)

With new weapons (which will also become new loot alongside old loot) I don't belive he will become a beast, but he might be more challenging than he is right now






New weapons: 

(Shadow Stalker) Rage and Bane

Rage is basicaly combination of Dread and Daikyu while Bane is Despair combined with Spira.


Looks like Daikyu but with Dread colors and Dread arrows. It also fires same way as Daikyu (long charge and long distance)

Ammo type: bow

Charge rate 1.0 s

Mag size: 1

Max ammo: 72

Reload speed: 0.7 s

Critical chance: 40%

Critical damage: 2.5x

Status chance: 30%

Impact/Puncture/Slash: 30/30/240


Looks like Spira but with Despair colors

Ammo type: Pistol

Projectile flight speed: 70 m/s

Fire rate: 3.33 rounds per second

Mag size: 10 rounds per mag

Max ammo: 210 

Reload time: 0.75 s

Critical chance: 30%

Critical damage: 2.0x

Status chance: 10%

Impact/Puncture/Slash: 10/50/25

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i guess the Wolf is ""more scary""? some extra EHP does make sense (apparently Wolf is too much as even with all of the nerfs the Community can't Kill him, idk).

though the other half of what the Wolf has to offer to be ""scary"" is stunlocking. which never makes any Video Game better by its existence.
i'd certainly hope that you aren't seeing the stunlocking the Wolf does and seeing that as 'better'. 


anyways, note that Stalker didn't technically lose Absorb when being converted to extra edgy mode - he still has it, it just works differently. rather than it being literally Absorb, he still has an Absorb type Ability, and the Damage that he takes in, increases the Damage of the Grenade that he throws after exiting the Absorb.

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