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(All Platforms) The Missing Nekros Prime Twitch Drop from TennoLive 2019 - Script Complete

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As the Warframe team has been unwinding from TennoCon and catching up with post-July 6th happenings, we have seen reports rolling through that indicated something was fishy (team)  with the TennoLive Nekros Prime drop. 

There were over 600,000 drops delivered to your very inboxes over the course of TennoCon! A truly impressive number of free goods sent to participating Tenno watching from home, but we found a discrepancy between successful deliveries of the Lotus Ephemera vs. Nekros Prime. 

We did some digging to come up with a solution (to send out even more free stuff, because 600,000 drops just isn’t enough let’s be honest), which we’ve laid out below:

What we know: 

  • The Lotus Ephemera drop was earnable by watching any Main Stage panel at TennoCon for 30 consecutive minutes (drop ended at 5:59 p.m. ET) 
  • The Nekros Prime drop (including free Warframe slot!) was earnable by watching TennoLive for 30 consecutive minutes (between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET). 

After investigating several accounts from Tenno who had reported the case of the missing Nekros Prime, we discovered a pattern. The majority of Tenno who had successfully received the Lotus Ephemera drop somehow did not also receive the Nekros Prime drop during TennoLive. 

There was some added confusion when we announced that all the drops had successfully been delivered when that was not the case for those Tenno who had the Lotus Ephemera, but not their free Nekros Prime. We apologize for the confusion and thank you for your reports. We quite honestly could not have figured this out without the evidence you provided by simply posting about the issue!

What you can expect: 

We will be running a script on Monday, July 15th once everyone is back from the weekend that will send an inbox message to accounts across all Platforms that fit the following criteria: 

  • Successfully received the Lotus Ephemera via inbox. 
  • Did not receive Nekros Prime (and free Warframe slot). 

These accounts will be given Nekros Prime. This method has been chosen because it accounts for the biggest error pattern we’ve seen from players in the forums: they know their link worked due to receiving Lotus Ephemera, but they did not receive Nekros Prime despite watching! 

We’ll update this thread once the script has started. Thank you all for being a part of TennoCon 2019! 


07/15/2019 10:15 AM ET Update: 

The script has started its journey! We will update the thread once it has completed.

07/15/2019 11:30 AM ET Update: 

The script has completed! Nekros Prime has been delivered to almost 100,000 accounts who fell under the criteria listed above. Thank you for your patience 🙂

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I was linked and didn't get either of them despite watching the whole thing, I even have chat logs to show I was in the stream typing at various moments during the whole tennocon stream.

Can I still get it? I watched the whole thing while being streamed but did not in fact receive the drops, either of them.

If I can provide screenshots can I receive them?

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Thank you for issuing this statement and the resolution. As a new player to WF & DE, this is great support and community engagement!


Should those with open tickets close them out to take some pressure off your zendesk; or wait until after the script/delivery?

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Yeah so I got the Nekros, but no ephemera. Theres also many others who did not receive anything. Thank you for assisting those who did not get the Nekros, but those like myself who fulfillee the requirements but did not get the ephemera, and those who got nothing will be awaiting updates and answers on how this will be fixed for the rest of us.

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As one of the Tenno affected by this, getting the Ephemera but not Nekros Prime, and who was slightly annoyed by this, especially since I went through the same trouble last year with Ash Prime. The worst thing was not, not getting Nekros P (apparently yet), but getting a "out of the can" answer, that didn't even fit the problem. I understand that Customer support can't answer all tenno with a "handwriten" answer, when they have to deal with hundreds or thousends of problems a day. But at least, take a look at the problem before sending the Standart answer. Like many I did get the ephemera so you could clearly see that the Twitchaccount was properly linked and then I get an "Out of the can answer" telling me that my Twitchaccount propably wasn't linked correct and that Customer service can't do anything but "better luck nextime , here is how you link your account right!"

Honestly that pissed me off way more than not getting Nekros P.

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Im quite exited about this announcement and i also hope to get nekros p. on monday

Though, i would like to say, a friend of mine (which ps4 ID is Baraon93, if that helps), has indeed watched both the panels AND the tennocon stream at 6. He had his twitch account linked, as he has gotten the trinity prime offer with twitch prime, not to say he was standing next to me watching all of tennocon. Yet, he didnt get either the ephemerea nor the nekros prime

Could we get an answer for this issue?

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