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alt fire stats are a lie. the read out should tell you the base dmg of 150 electric not the 650 IPS as stated on stat page (this is whole page is misleading). the rate of fire is only charge throw not the 2 second tick.
running units can escape the ferrox hold. Nullifiers with a bubble up (and units inside) can walk over ferrox with out taking damage, even when bubble is destroyed the ferrox can no target them, requiring recast. Ancient healers are completely immune to ferrox damage. only gas clouds from gas procs can damage them. in fact the ferrox HEALS ancient healers when (and IF) you have a damage buff.
ferrox does not work with Mirage, volt, sayrn, ember etc Buffs. only working with Rhino, chroma buffs. harrow and wisp fire rate seems to work (harrows crit buff does not apply at all) . all other buffs do no work.
Altfire still only has 33% status NOT the 50% as it was suppose to have. 

would suggest a increase on altfire base damage IPS 250 dmg OR 350 electric. 10-12% crit and a fire rate of 1.5 seconds not 2. seeing as Multishot doesn't work you cant increase the damage much at all. a 305% strength Chroma and rhino can barely boost the damage up to 7k. specially when its only 7k every 2 seconds. unless you put 195% fire rate on it at which rate it still takes about 6 seconds to kill a lvl 80 Lancer. 

Oh and heavy cal at -45% accuracy somehow removes more than it should. 16.7 to 5.7. thats more about 66% accuracy GONE.
ON PRIMFIRE: i have shot my toes off more often then hit the target 5 meters away AND I WISH I WAS JOKING!. 

rate of fire 1.5 seconds. Applies 250 IPS damage on altfire OR 350 Electric 
10-15% critchance 2.2x CD and fix the Status up to 50% as stated it was in the patch notes.
this would fix largely the lack of damage it does. 

if the damage isn't increased then the rate of fire needs to be 1second per tick. IF the rate of fire isn't fixed then the damage needs to go up massively. from my suggested 250 and 350 to more like 550 and 750. 
seeing as Grineer are about the only things that this weapon can kill because of its current bugged nature, Infeasted can either run thru it or ancients make it deal 0 damage. Corpus nullifiers make it useless as it can target people in the bubble when the bubble moves over it. 
But the Grineer have all the Armour and a level 80 lancer surviving for 6 seconds against any fully modded weapon WITH A RIVEN! in this game of all games indicates that something is truely wrong.  

also there should be a way to Recall staff guns Manually without picking them up again, if you spear a target and that target dies and the body vanish's you lose your weapon. Zenistar manual recall required. WITH TIMER!.

side note:
these staffguns all need a rework. the spare ammo isn't what they needed. 
the Altfires need to be Properly Moddable. the Damage needs to be there. 
Ferrox = altfire doesn't work effectively against 3 of 4 factions, slow and low damage. lying altfire statpage.
Javlok = piss all damage, slow return speed. not worth it
scourge = altfire completely unmoddable. returns too soon! pulses are too slow. 

i highly expect this ...again! to go unnoticed and not fixed. 

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