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33 minutes ago, rand0mname said:

@Nova-IX, thank you. Likewise :).

Sometimes, GD is flooded with... things that can erode your sanity or turn you into misanthrope. Then it happens, I find refuge in LPW.

You can always get a plate of comfort food here.



3 minutes ago, LarryOtter said:


Up for some screeching then, charger cheese is quite extraordinary, you may explode from it.

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I made a playlist of songs that make me want to go fast while I farm Gauss. Anyone got any suggestions besides everything from Need for Speed Most Wanted, Initial D, Dragonforce and Sonic games? I already got a bunch of those.

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Am 27.8.2019 um 23:45 schrieb DeMonkey:

@(XB1)GaussPrime since everyone is going mad over pronunciation, I've decided you're "goose prime" from now on. It's close enough to the actual pronunciation of the word, right?

Nah, it was a special sort of tingle.

Well, I like geese so.. I can accept that 😂

*Changing my name to SillyGoose* soon™

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